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treats pigmentation, acne scars,wrinkles, tattoos effectively.


What is PicoSure® Laser?

For people who want to achieve youthful, pigment-free skin without a drastic downtime, they now have an answer with the PicoSure® laser. Picosure is a picosecond laser approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). It shatters the pigment on the skin into tiny dust-like particles, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally.

PicoSure can treat different skin conditions and is especially effective for skin toning and rejuvenation, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scar, and tattoo removal.

How does PicoSure work?

PicoSure’s PressureWaveTM technology uses an unique wavelength of light (755nm) and a specialised lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. This pressure squeezes cells, activating the natural cell signalling process that creates new collagen and elastin. This results in brighter, smoother, and younger looking skin with very minimal downtime compared to other similar lasers. The same PressureWave technology is used in the removal of pigmentation, acne scar, and ink particles in tattoos without harming the surrounding tissue.

How does PicoSure work?

How is PicoSure used?

PicoSure is used for skin toning and rejuvenation. It is also effective in removing tattoos, pigmentations and spots, and acne scars, as well as the smoothening of wrinkles and fine lines.

What happens during a PicoSure treatment?

Numbing cream is applied to the area that requires treatment before the procedure, which will make the treatment a more comfortable one. After about 20 minutes, the numbing cream is removed before treatment begins.

A treatment will take about 30 minutes, depending on the area treated and the skin condition. The doctor may prescribe multiple sessions depending on the patient’s requirements.

What can you expect after a PicoSure treatment?

The face may look flushed immediately after the PicoSure treatment for a few hours. You may resume normal activities post treatment but it is advisable to minimise sun exposure for a week and apply sunblock daily on the treated area.

With tattoo removal, there may be some swelling post-treatment but that will go away with time. You should apply sunblock daily on the treated area.

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